The Department of Land Management provides training in the following subfields to meet the demands of the job market: land economics and policies, real estate development and management, resource development and conservation, leisure management and geographical information systems. We offer three types of programs: undergraduate, full time master’s, and part time master’s in management science. In addition, a doctoral program is jointly offered with the Civil Engineering and Hydrology departments.


Bachelor’s and master’s students may choose one of three tracts :

1.     Applied geographic information systems, which offers courses such as land survey, land resources inventory, GIS, GIS on web, remote sensing, GPS, digital image treatment and application, and decision making support system.


2.     Real estate management, which offers courses such as introduction to real estate, financial management for real estate, real estate financing, the appraisal of real estate and its application, market analysis for real estate, planning and marketing for real estate, investment of real estate, land taxes and real estate management.


3.     Landscape and recreation, which offers courses such as environmental ecology, resource conservation, environmental psychology, landscape design, environmental planning and management, introduction to recreation, marketing and planning of leisure industry and commercial recreation.


Course duration
  • Undergraduate Degree Program: 4 years full-time

  • Master's Degree Program: 2 years full-time
Total Credits
  • Undergraduate Degree Program: 128 Credits

          Required Courses: 86 Credits

          Elective Courses: 42 Credits

  • Master's Degree Program: 32 Credits

          Required Courses: 5 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)

          Elective Courses: 27 Credits

Start month
  • Spring Semester: February
  • Fall Semester: August
Course contact

Email: sjfu@fcuoa.fcu.edu.tw